The 2020 ABH Competition ran from April 6th to June 22nd 2020. Due to the challenges of COVID-19, the ABH team actively leveraged digital platforms. Notably, we launched the applications via a virtual event that connected an audience of ~4,000 entrepreneurs with speakers in 8 countries.

Following the virtual launch, the call for application went out via social media, TV, Radio, and via our ABH Partner network.

We actively worked with our anchor partners Ashesi, Dalberg, Janngo and RiseUp to directly engage with promising entrepreneurs to support entrepreneurs both navigate COVID-19 as well as learn how to apply for the ABH Competition.

Round 1: Judges Online Review of Applications
Each eligible application will be reviewed by two judges who will score candidates and provide them with tailored written feedback. Based on the scores of all finalists, we’ll determine our Top 50 finalists.
Top 50 Finalists Bootcamp
Our 50 finalists will have a chance to participate in a boot camp designed to provide them with insights to support their journey to the Finale and the development of their business overall. It will include a feedback session from Round 1 judges and practical skills-building workshops led by anchor partners.
Round 2: Judges Video Call Interviews
The Top 50 Finalists will each engage in video-call interviews with two of our esteemed judges. Finalists will also have the chance to receive live-feedback and advice from judges. Based on the scores of all finalists, we’ll determine our Top 20 finalists.
Top 20 Finalists Bootcamp
Our top 20 finalists will engage in a second boot camp where they will have the chance to meet and engage with renowned leaders. They’ll also receive practical advice from our 2019 ABH Heroes to prepare for the Semi-Finale.
Semi-Finale Pitches
The finalists will pitch to a panel of 7 esteemed judges from different countries across the globe. They will submit a video demonstrating their business and story and respond live to tough questions from industry legends. The panel will also offer them helpful advice and feedback.
Due Diligence
Our finalists will undergo rigorous due diligence by Pricewaterhouse Coopers who will evaluate the legitimacy of their application, pitch and businesses. Based on this process and the evaluation of our Semi-Finale judges, we’ll determine our Top 10 finalists.
Africa’s Business Heroes Show
Our top 10 heroes will have the opportunity to tell their story to Africa and the world via the Africa Business Heroes series. The series will capture their journeys to the Finale and beyond.
Grand Finale
In the most anticipated part of the journey, our ‘Africa’s Business Heroes’ Finalists will have the prized chance to pitch to Jack Ma and other business legends. They’ll each take home Prize money ranging from $100,000 to $300,000 and will importantly receive life-changing inspiration and feedback.