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2020 Top10 Finalist
ABH aims to identify, support, and inspire the next generation of African entrepreneurs who are making an impact in their local communities, working to solve the most pressing problems, and building a more sustainable and inclusive economy for the future.

The initiative aims to be as inclusive as possible. Applications are open in English and French to entrepreneurs from all African countries, all sectors, and all ages who operate businesses formally registered and headquartered in an African country, and that have a 3 year-track record.

Every year, ten finalists will be selected to compete in the ABH grand finale pitch competition. These finalists also receive extensive exposure through the high-quality video narratives ABH produces about their stories and their ABH journeys. Throughout the process, we work with local media and influencers across the continent to secure interviews spotlighting their businesses and the impact they are having. The finalists ultimately compete for a share of US $1.5 million in grant money.

All finalists also join an exclusive community of like-minded entrepreneurs, business professionals, investors, and mentors. In addition, they get access to training and networking opportunities to further support them on their business journey.
The ABH application process was enlightening, compelling me to delve deeper into our company's numbers and performance. It was an invaluable exercise in precision and clarity, offering new perspectives on our business's impact and potential. For any entrepreneur, this experience is not just about applying but about truly understanding and articulating your venture's value.
Ayman Bazaara
ABH 2023 3rd Prize Winner
Co-founder & CEO of Sprints
The values and diversity of ABH finalists create the ideal platform to get inspired and sharpen your entrepreneurial journey. ABH is creating a platform that emphasizes youth entrepreneurship, collaboration, and impact for Africa, which is exactly what we need to achieve prosperity for our people.
Tesh Mbaabu
ABH 2022 2nd Prize Winner
Co-founder & CEO of Market Force
I’d encourage young entrepreneurs to use ABH as a platform to tell their story. Many brilliant businesses in this continent are yet to get their big break. I encourage every young business if you have built a business, and it’s working, the world needs to know.
Chebet Lesan
ABH 2020 1st Prize Winner
Founder & CEO of Bright Green Energy
No matter how big or small your entrepreneurial dream is, I encourage you to enter the ABH competition and see just how far you really can go. There are just so much learning, networking, and resources that come from ABH, that I wish every African entrepreneur could experience.
Mahmud Johnson
ABH 2019 Top 10 Hero
Founder & CEO of J-Palm Liberia
ABH is more than your average competition, and has been designed to provide both applicants and finalists with a range of benefits to meet the needs of entrepreneurs across the African ecosystem:
Grant funds of up to $300 000
Our Top 10 finalists share a prize pool of $1.5 million in grants ranging from $100,000 to $300,000. The winner takes home $300,000; The 1st runner-up and 2nd runner-up take home $250,000 and $150,000 respectively. All other 7 finalists, take home $100,000. An additional $100,000 is allocated for global immersion training.
Global recognition and exposure
ABH spotlights talented African entrepreneurs as finalists progress in the competition via press releases, social media, and news articles at every stage of the competition. We also provide significant exposure opportunities to the Top 10 finalists via extensive PR exposure and media coverage.
Access to an exclusive & vibrant entrepreneurship community and network
Finalists join an exclusive community of some of the most impactful and successful entrepreneurs from across the continent. ABH organizes numerous online and offline networking opportunities where these entrepreneurs can connect and collaborate.
Mentorship from business icons
Our finalists are given access to mentorship opportunities with global business icons, investors, and business professionals both throughout the competition and afterward.
Targeted and practical training programs
ABH community members are given access to a range of bespoke training programs including financial management, marketing insights, understanding IP law, and more. Finalists are also given the opportunity to access additional programs and services such as investment readiness and management training via our network of partners and judges.
Insights into your business
Throughout the application process, we help our applicants strengthen their storytelling and pitching efforts via an introspective application process. Applicants are also given feedback at each stage of the competition, and they receive advice from numerous business professionals and seasoned entrepreneurs throughout the competition.
To apply for our competition, you should meet the following criteria:
You're the founder or a co-founder.
You're an African citizen or the direct descendant (child/grand-child) of an African citizen.
Your company is registered, headquartered and primarily in an African country.
Your company has market traction and at least 3 years of revenue.
Round 1 Review of Application Form
Each application will be independently reviewed by three judges using our criteria. The Top 50 Finalists will be determined by the average scores of all applications.
Round 2 Video Call Interviews
Three established business leaders will engage each Top 50 finalist in an 1h30 in-depth assessment. The Top 20 Finalists will be determined by the average scores of all 50 Finalists.
Due Diligence
Our Top 20 Finalists will need to pass due diligence checks by a trusted third party to move to the Semi-Final round.
In-person Semi-Finale
Our short-listed finalists will pitch in-person to a panel of distinguished and experienced panel of investors, business leaders and professionals who will determine our Top 10 Finalists.
In-person Grand Finale
Our Top 10 finalists will pitch to a live audience and an illustrious panel of judges for their share of $1.5 million. The Finale will be broadcast online and will also be shared on our social media platforms.
At each stage of the review process,
our judges provide applicants with feedback and advice to support them on their business journey.
To gain access to funds, mentorship and more,
Learn more about the journey to the Finale
As we enter our fifth year of the ABH competition, our previous five cohorts have made impressive progress since they became Top 10 Heroes! Many have gone on to raise investments, secure transformative partnerships, grow revenue, and expand their geographical footprint.
Temie Giwa-Tubosun
CEO, LifeBank
2019 ABH Grand Prize Winner
  • Leveraged ABH funds expand across Nigeria and launch in Kenya.
  • Diversified LifeBank’s range of services and products to include AirBank, which supplies oxygen to hospitals as well as COVID-19 testing services, and StockBank, which uses collective bargaining and prediction technology to power the future of PPE and consumable distribution across care centers in Africa.
  • Won Global Citizen Business Award; Cartier Global Initiative Africa Laureate Award; and Forbes Woman Africa Award for Technology and Innovation.
  • Revenue has grown by 2X in 2020 and 2021 respectively.
  • Number of lives saved has grown by 5X in 2021.
  • Distributed 14X more products.
Ethel Mupambwa
CEO, MoneyMart Finance
2020 ABH 3rd Prize Winner
  • Revenue grew by 9x between 2021 and 2022
  • The number of customers served grew by 4x in 2022
  • Launched a new product called the MoneyMart Funeral Cash Plan
  • Offered financial literacy training to women in Zimbabwe which has already impacted 100’s women
  • Expanding the business into Zambia
Khadija ElBedweihy
CEO, PraxiLabs
2021 ABH Grand Prize Winner
  • Leveraged ABH funds to develop a native mobile app that also has an offline feature for students in areas with bad infrastructure.
  • 40% increase in the number of staff between 2021 and 2022
  • Revenue grew by 2.7X between 2021 and 2022
  • Working with new partners to expand into the United States, Canada and Dubai.
Ikenna Nzewi
CEO, Releaf
2021 ABH 2nd Prize Winner
  • Leveraged ABH funds to assist with the development of 2 new technologies, namely the Kraken 2 and SITE.
  • The combination of Kraken 2 and SITE allows Releaf to pivot its business model to become farmer-centric. This model will give them more flexibility as they will now be able to first identify farmers and then use the mobile processing technology to reach them when their crops are ready, as opposed to having a static factory.
  • Grew 5x in 2022.
  • Had an oversubscribed $3.3m USD Pre-series A Round that concluded in early 2023.
Our other finalists, have also made similar significant strides including establishing new stores, increasing revenue and raising investment. To learn more about their progress, we invite you to sign up for our newsletter where we share frequent updates on them.
We welcome you to join our network of impressive, game-changing Heroes today!