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Francine Munyaneza
Co-Founder and CEO of MUNYAX ECO
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2020 Top10 Finalist
Francine Munyaneza
Co-Founder and CEO of MUNYAX ECO
2022 Top 10
After 15 years of international career, Francine returned to Rwanda, to accomplish her dream to participate in the development of Africa while fighting climate change and creating social impact. How? She founded MUNYAX ECO, a company providing access to clean and affordable energy while promoting women led solutions and capacity building. Results? More than 10,000 people in East Africa got access to energy, 60% being women, 1000 tons of CO2 are yearly saved, around 50 youths trained, 50% MUNYAX ECO staff are women, MUNYAX ECO work got awards by international institutions and MUNYAX ECO will expand soon across Africa.
Francine Munyaneza founded MUNYAX ECO in 2013 with the mission to accelerate the access to solar clean energy solutions in Africa while fostering women’s training, leadership, and participation in the energy sector in urban and rural areas.

MUNYAX ECO proposes Solar solutions with payment options, including payment by installments and leasing. For projects targeting low-income populations in rural areas, MUNYAX ECO has initiated specific partnerships with women’s NGOs, cooperatives, and financial institutions in order to catalyze access to solar energy and create sustainable income-generative projects. Customer care and After sales policy have been really important factors to extend the good reputation, credibility, and activities of the team. At MUNYAX ECO – “Save money, Save energy, Save the planet” is not just our slogan, it is the reality for our customers and partners. As a result of the above, MUNYAX ECO work has been recognized by various national and international institutions, and most importantly 10,000 people (including more than 50% women) have gained access to clean energy from Solar photovoltaic systems to solar water heaters, Solar Water pumping, Solar Home Systems and solar cold rooms/fridges; more then 1000 tons of CO2 is yearly saved; Thanks to MUNYAX ECO gender equality driven recruitment and skills development programs around 50 youth (more than 60% women) have been trained and the company maintained a staff ratio of 50% women in this energy male dominated sector. MUNYAX ECO is now extending its activities in Burundi and DRC and soon in other African countries.
Mission and Core Value
  • Environmental Responsibility
  • Team work, women positive discrimination

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