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Elmarie Pereira
Co-Founder and CEO of Memeza Shout (PTY) Ltd
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2020 Top10 Finalist
Elmarie Pereira
Co-Founder and CEO of Memeza Shout (PTY) Ltd
2022 Top 10
Elmarie has 26 Years of work experience, with 14 Years of experience in the telecommunications Multi-National Corporate Technical Project Deployment environment and 8 years’ experience in managing Socially focused technology deployment projects, developing partnerships, growing human capital, leading teams, and streamlining delivery, with the aim of building a sustainable Social Enterprise. For the past 8 years Elmarie has dedicated her life on the impact Social Innovation can make in South Africa, specifically how to use innovative ICT to combat crime and protect the most vulnerable people.
Memeza is a social enterprise that provides innovative, affordable safety technology and services to lower-income communities that don’t have access to private security. We also assist Private and Public industries with specialized community-based project deployment software and services, designed to get to the root cause of social ills and deploy action-based intervention programs, with large-scale socio-economic impact.

Memeza developed South Africa’s first Public Alarm System, endorsed by Government and linked to community response networks (including CPF and Police). This technology has proven to reduce GBV by 26%, the murder rate by 9%, and improved the police response times by 35 minutes. To date, the Community Alarm System solution has grown to include other safety technologies and interventions which ensure a 360 approach to reducing SGBVF, violence, and crime.

Revenue is generated through the manufacturing and sales of safety technology, supply of monitoring and response services to no fee-paying schools, small businesses, and lower LSM households, as well as providing specialized community-based deployment services to Government and Corporates. Memeza services our market through a unique business model which includes either direct purchasing or sponsorship for those who cannot afford it.

Our goal is to within the next 3 to 5 years create 5000+ community jobs through our SAAS/Survey offering, actively secure 2000+ schools’ educational ICT, provide safety technology to 500+ vulnerable homes and small businesses, and grow our human talent to 55 permanent Memeza safety warriors.
Mission and Core Value
  • Passionate
  • Innovative
  • Humbleness
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Finding solutions
  • Help Humans
  • LOUD

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